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The ability and desire to impact young people with her life story.

     Cassie has been faced with challenge and hurdles since as long as she can remember. Her nickname blazon across her helmet - "Squirt" - just scratches the surface. Competitive from the day she could walk, Cassie has had to work harder than others overcoming allergies to asthma to Dyslexia and the more serious - Scoliosis. If anything, these ailments have made her stronger. Never one to give up, obstacles became motivators. When asked about her back surgery to correct her spinal column (She has a titanium plate fusing several vertebra), she shrugs it off jokingly - "Well, if I crash, at least I know I won't break my back!"
     Cassie currently works full time as a Vet technician to support her racing. It's not uncommon to see Cassie running out of work to head straight to the track to run a race. Soft spoken and easy going, it would be easy to mistake Cassie for "the girl next door," but don't let her fool you - we think it's all part of her competitiveness - luring opponents into a false sense of security and comfort just before that green flag drops. After that, it's all love and war!

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